Driveways & Patio Cleaning

For block paving and patios our award winning machine and methods will be able to remove the build-up of the dirt and algae from the surface, we don’t just blast off visible dirt with a power washer, we use a machine that actually cleans the surface just like when we do interior tiles.

After cleaning the block paving, we can re dress the blocks using a kiln dried sand to fill the gaps if required.

If you have a natural stone patio we can do the same deep cleaning routine, but afterwards a colour enhancer impregnator can be applied to restore the natural colours, this also helps to protect the surface.

Do you have rust stains?… having metal furniture on your patio / tiles can leave rust marks which can be difficult to remove, we have specialist products to be able to remove it for you!! So just get in contact for a demonstration.

The best way to see your individual results is to arrange a free demonstration on your own patio or driveway so we show you first hand what can be achieved. Click here to call and arrange a free demonstration.

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