What makes us your First Choice?

Carpet Cleaning

Our Cleaning Team is basically the Dream Team that you need for your carpet, with cleaning technology and expert techniques in the carpet cleaning trade. M&D Floor Cleaning is proud to be offering the best services with guaranteed results.

Longevity of your Carpet

If you leave your carpet unattended for longer periods of time, you are allowing dust, dirt, stains, residues, and allergens to collect into your carpet fibres, which leads to the tearing apart of fibres because there’s only so much those networked fibres can bear. It is necessary to give a regular clean up routine to your carpet so that you stop the build-up of dirt. This is a proven way of preserving your carpet’s life. As a matter of fact, dust continues to settle well on an already dirty carpet, while a cleaner carpet will still allow the dust to initially escape the surface. M&D Floor Cleaning is a professional and trained team, and the techniques that we use involve hot water extraction or steam extraction which ensures that the carpet is not just freed from deep-dust collected within the fibres, but also thoroughly sanitised.

Safer, Fresher and Healthier

What do you think clean really means? When we say clean, we do not just mean stain and dust removal, but we also mean a healthy carpet to breathe with. Among allergens and bacteria that are usually trapped within carpet fibres, some evidently lead to breathing or respiratory issues which may include severe asthma or bronchial congestion. However, M&D Cleaning employs hot water extraction which uses really high temperatures of water; high enough to kill all the allergens in your carpet, while moderate enough to not harm your carpet fibres. We know just the right solution to keep your carpet safe and clean at the same time.

Effective Stain Removal

With M&D Floor Cleaning you can be sure to get nothing less than the best technology, equipment and chemicals are used to remove stains from your carpet; stains that not even home remedies can remove are guaranteed to be removed by our team and include

  • Red Wine Marks
  • Ink spills
  • Shoe Prints
  • Garden Mud
  • Pet Impressions
  • Nail Polish or Paint
  • Permanent Marker

Enhance your Room’s Appearance

A carpet enhances your room’s look like no other furnishing does. As extravagant as your furniture or room hangings may be including couches, lamps, chandeliers, mirrors, etc. you will still be lacking finesse in your room without appropriate flooring. Whether you add a rug, a mat or a carpet to your room, it is bound to increase the overall positive feel of your room. Most people devalue it by not cleaning it in time. You may not notice this often, but if you possess a carpet and you haven’t cleaned it in a long while; look around your room and see that your room has already started to look dull and drab only because you let your carpet become outdated without effective cleaning that we can to provide you. We will bring out your carpet’s original freshness and feel so you can light up your room.

Remove Carpet Odours

In homes where there are pets, there are high chances of ticks and mites that begin residing inside your carpet’s woven structure. Nonetheless, there are high concerns of an unbearable animal odour as well that many guests often complain about to others and not you. For a pet owning household, carpet cleaning is an efficient and necessary practice. In addition to cleaning, our professional cleaning team is sure to sanitise and deodorise your carpet, leaving it utterly hygienic.

Upholstery Cleaning

Upon initially purchasing your furniture especially your favourite sofas and couches, you make sure that you take great care of your new and expensive upholstery with utmost attention paid to cleaning, vacuuming, and dusting. However, as time passes by, you start neglecting the care and importance of your once new sofa, thinking that it is understandable for something to start deteriorating. Well, that is not the right way to think. Your sofa still deserves the same attention, cleaning time and effort; it can still come to life as new with professional cleaning that M&D Floor Cleaning will provide you at your convenience.

Make it Look New Again

If your furniture has started looking dull, old and dilapidated, it is not because they are actually old but it is because it needs a revamp. It needs cleaning. It needs care and attention. Apart from just removing stains, your furniture will obviously appear looking like new just the way it did upon first arriving into your house.

Remove Unwanted Odours

Fabric absorbs all kinds of moistures and odours very quickly, which makes it understandable as to why your couches, chairs and cushions sometimes emit an odour. It is because anything that was present on your sofa, be it a person, a pet, shoes, bag, a football or even food; it allowed its smell to diffuse into your sofa. Our team will not just remove all those odours by our deodorising techniques but they will also sanitise your furniture.

Longer Lasting Upholstery

The cleaner you keep your upholstery, the better your chances of preserving it in the long run as a durable, fresh and good-looking furniture item. Frequent cleaning sessions by a professional cleaner such as M&D Floor Cleaning ensures that there are not dirt particles, food residues, pet hair and nails, or human hair getting accumulated in your furniture items including sofas and cushions, which means you can have fresh and gorgeous looking furniture for a long time.

Allergen removal

The drill is the same as with carpet cleaning. M&D Floor Cleaning’s services uses steam extraction which kills all the germs and allergens in your furniture hence providing you with a healthier home.

Grease and Stain Removal

The chemicals in our cleaning solutions are manufactured primarily by using natural ingredients which are approved as per British standards. These chemicals or cleaning agents are meant for all kinds of fabrics and do a great job at stain removal while keeping the fabric in good condition too.

Wooden Flooring Care

If your current flooring is wearing, showing stains and marks and needs a revamp, then you need to consider floor sanding. Sanding can do a lot to improve the quality of your floors. Floor sanding by M&D Floor Cleaning is bound to make a difference to your flooring in the following ways:

Remove Scratches, Dents and Stains

Floors begin to age after being installed for a long span time in ways such as stains on the wood, white faded marks, furniture scratches, wood chipping, etc. Floor sanding is an improved way to renew your old floors by refurbishing them and enhancing with a sleek look.

Make it Look New Again

If your home is comparatively darker and you desire that it should be illuminated with more natural light, then you should consider floor sanding and cleaning. A newly sanded flood is smooth and glossy enough to allow light to rebound, which means that you can be sure to have light emerging back at an angle which will brighten your surrounding space, enhancing your décor and furnishings.

Customise with Coloured Stains

Floor sanding also works with adding a new stain to your flooring. For the stain to settle in and blend evenly, you must ensure that your flooring is smooth and not rough. Therefore, floor sanding is the best way to achieve this smoothness. Staining is mostly useful when you add in new furniture and wish to let all your interiors complement the flooring or sanding gives your floor a new life.

Durable Surface Protection

Dents, scratches and chips in your wooden floor are bound to accumulate dust within the floor which cannot be cleaned without constant sweeping. To save yourself the hassle of frequent sweeping, floor sanding is a convenient, economical and efficient method. It will not just make your life easy, but also have amazing results at the same time. Floor sanding is not something that you should have second thoughts about investing in, because no amount of cleaning compares to a sanded, polished and gleaming floor.

Easier Cleaning and Maintenance